About Minimo Store

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Exceptional In Store experience for customer to feel the different perspective of product.

Artificial Intelligence Shop Assistant

Help to cut down manpower on redundant FAQ and product advising.

Loyalty Point and Membership System

Win-Win situation for customers to have the feeling of getting more while store owners can keep track of the Big Data of customer consuming behaviours.

Mobile & Electronic Commerce

To create a virtual boundary around a particular location, which can trigger a response if a consumer goes in or out.


Easier for store owners to push promotion alert to nearby potential consumers.


Let the consumers to getting sticky on the Apps.

What is Minimo Store?

Minimo Store is a whole new concept to retail experience by combining both online and offline shopping experience using modern technologies, consumer data and customer engagement techniques to integrate offline stores, merchandise, logistics and payment tools to deliver a better overall shopping experience.

Welcome to Minimo Store

We serve clients at every level of their organization, whoever need a partner who understands your business, present-day and future business goals. We work with you to develop a mobile application strategy that drives your business value.


Red ocean for Online Store

Offline Store hard to reach users over 30km radius

Offline customer hope to have In Store Experience but lazy to go out

Customers want to pay less and get more



(Customization) under customer own branding Apps and Web
  • Fully customize under customer's own brand Apps and Web
  • Data hosted at customer's own server


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